Why Give?

Your gift is an investment in every Pike child.

Our Shared Tomorrow relies on you. The outcome of this campaign will far exceed your initial investment. That’s because in supporting this campaign you are bolstering the education of every child at Pike now and in the future.

An investment in Teachers as Innovators is an investment in all of our students because

  • Pike teachers are focused on the individual child. When we expand our faculty’s competencies and awareness, we directly expand our students’ learning.
  • Students learn from modeling. Innovative, collaborative learning begins with innovative, collaborative teaching.
  • The best teachers are eager to learn. To attract and retain the best, we need to encourage and invest in a culture of innovation and curiosity.

An investment in the Pike Scholars Fund is an investment in all of our students because

Vibrant classrooms encourage big thinking. A range of experience, ability, perspective, and opinion helps every child expand his or her understanding.

Students learn from students. Pike students develop real-world skills by collaborating, investigating, and learning together every day, all day.

The real world is right here. We don’t just prepare students for the future, we give them the tools to navigate the world as they experience it right now.