Pike Teachers Envision the Future

Investment in Our Shared Tomorrow’s Teachers as Innovators priority directs important resources toward strengthening the work of our faculty.

To ensure that they are flexible and responsive, Pike prefers professional growth initiatives that are teacher-driven and student-centered.  Lower School Head Marybeth Heyd explains, “We want teachers to seek out through their teams, divisions, and coaches, the strategies that will best impact learning for the students we have right here, right now.”
“I sometimes think that outsiders believe it’s a matter of taking a specific curriculum and teaching from it.  The classroom, however, is a really dynamic, always fluid place.  Pike teachers need to respond in the moment — from moment to moment — from a full and flexible toolbox.”

Of course, tomorrow’s students will soon be today’s students, so what’s the long-term picture?

Head of School, Muddy Waters notes, “We know where we want to go, that is, what the parameters of excellent teaching are and will continue to be.  Those calculations have shaped our thinking about what’s next.”

Clearly, the professional growth model at Pike is vibrant and focused squarely on strengthening student learning.  Waters summarizes succinctly: “Our investment in Teachers as Innovators will reap exponential benefits.

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