Teachers as Innovators

Learn how we invest in our faculty

Pike teachers are innovators.

They have the freedom to explore fresh ideas, try new things, and collaborate with their colleagues. National thought-leaders in education, Pike teachers are energized and empowered—motivated to keep up with best practices, to learn to use the latest tools, to adopt new competencies and mindsets, and to apply leading-edge research. Most important, Pike teachers impact student learning directly, so innovative teachers foster innovative learners.

Teaching and learning evolves rapidly

Technology, new science, a shifting economy and labor market, globalization—all of these factors influence how and what we teach, and what our students learn. Pike teachers must be equipped to anticipate these changes, sift through the trends, and figure what will best help our students succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Teaching is a brand-new ballgame, and creativity, collaboration, information literacy, cultural competency, and leadership are just a few of the essential skills our students need.

Innovation is a competitive advantage.

The best schools invest in their teachers because they know that teachers are the heart of the school. Providing dollars to expand a teacher’s skillset brings big benefit to classrooms. Plus, in a tough hiring market, a culture of professional growth–like the one at Pike–makes attracting and retaining awesome teachers easier. This investment of Teachers as Innovators will double our current professional growth budget, bringing Pike to the highest level of such commitment among independent elementary schools.

Join us as we seek to invest $2 million for a wide range of teacher-driven, student-centered initiatives within the “Teachers as Innovators” priority.