Successful Campaign Challenge Propels Progress

January 11, 2018

In a flurry of end-of-year activity, Pike’s Our Shared Tomorrow campaign, pushed into new territory: over $6.2 million—or 76%—of the $7.55 million goal raised to date.

“It’s a tremendous testament to the community’s strength and commitment,” explains Head of School John “Muddy” Waters.  “I continue to be gratified and grateful for the conversations I am having with community members, their enthusiasm for how this campaign will make Pike even stronger.”

The initial gift challenge, offered by an anonymous past-parent family, kicked off on December 1 with a commitment of $100,000 to be match dollar-for-dollar incoming gifts—if the school could raise an additional $100,000.  “The generosity and flexibility of this family was phenomenal,” notes Annual Fund Director Pati Fernández.  “They really wanted to supercharge the rest of the community, get them excited and engaged by the possibilities.”

The family’s desires were soon realized.  As gifts approached the $100,000 goal and it became clear that the community would even exceed it, two additional families stepped up to offer another combined $50,000 challenge grant.

“It was incredible,” says Director of Advancement Rod Boyer.  “This was just a stellar example of the enthusiasm and the concern for the school by these lead donors.  And their desire to engage others in the community in this shared effort is so appreciated.”

By the time the dust settled on December 31, Pike had met both challenges, raising a total, with the matching grants included, of well over $300,000 for the campaign, which includes the Annual Fund as a key priority.

“We’re really pleased and grateful,” add Waters.  “This kind of support—from those who offered the challenges and those who made the time and commitment to help us meet it— shows what is possible when we focus on our students and our teachers.