Pike surpasses another campaign milestone

April 19, 2018

In the next milestone of achievement, Pike is pleased to announce that the community has raised over $4 million toward its $5 million goal for building endowment through the Our Shared Tomorrow campaign.

“The outpouring of interest and investment has been tremendous,” notes Head of School, John “Muddy” Waters.  “We see the ways in which previous generations have created the Pike we enjoy today, and I’m heartened to know that this current generation is doing its part to make Pike stronger, not just in the future, but today too.”

The funds, 90 percent of which have come largely unrestricted, will form the backbone of efforts to expand professional growth for faculty and broaden the school’s ability to enroll the strongest students in the admissions process.

“These are key needs of the school moving forward,” said Board Chair Firdaus Bhathena.  “And they are not going to go away.”  Indeed, attracting the strongest teachers and students is only going to get more difficult for independent schools, as the U.S. faces a nationwide teacher shortage and a drop in birthrates in the wake of the economic downturn of 2007-2008.  “We wanted to invest in endowment so that we could have the resources to address these challenges well into the future,” adds Bhathena.

The latest milestone means the campaign could conceivably reach its goal by the end of the 2017-18 school year.  “To achieve an ambitious goal for endowment in a three-year timeframe would be a considerable achievement for an elementary school like Pike,” said Rod T. Boyer, Director of Advancement.  “I know of so many of our peer schools that have really struggled to do so, especially with endowment, which tends to be more abstract and unfamiliar to families.”

To date, nearly 100 donors have made specific contributions to the endowment as part of the comprehensive effort, which also includes a goal of raising $2.55 million for the operating budget over a three-year window.

The next opportunity to push the community toward achieving the goal will be Pike’s Giving Day on April 30.  Alumni, parents, alumni families and friends are encouraged to make a gift that day and to encourage others to do the same as we build participation in the Annual Fund and Our Shared Tomorrow.