The Waters Family Fund

What’s important to your family? For the Waters family the answer has always been education.

For nearly 25 years Muddy and Liza have worked tirelessly in support of the Pike School and everyone who walks through our doors. They arrived in 1993 with their three young children in tow—William ’98, James ’00 and Jessica ’04. The family hit the ground running and has never looked back. Pike has benefitted ever since from their leadership, passion, and generosity in ways that can’t be measured. To honor the dedication of Muddy and Liza, and their entire family, we are proud to announce the establishment of the Waters Family Fund.

Education that Puts Students First

For most of their adult lives, Muddy and Liza have been committed to making a Pike education affordable for families from all walks of life. They have never wavered in their passion for making sure Pike’s classrooms are home to the best-qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay full tuition. This intentional selectivity, they strongly believe, creates the optimal learning environment–a hallmark of a Pike education.

The Waters Family Fund Goal: $1.5 million

Your donation to the Waters Family Fund will increase the ability of the school to attract, enroll and retain right-fit families and students in support of Pike’s mission. This includes increasing traditional financial aid, but also provides flexible funds to cover other costs associate with attending our school.

  • Fewer than 5% of Pike’s students come from middle- or low-income families

  • 17% of Pike students receive financial aid

  • Tuition does not cover the full cost of tuition and the entire Pike experience. The average cost per student to cover extracurricular activities, test preparation, FLEX afterschool programs, class field trips, etc. is $6,000—a prohibitive amount for many families

A Lasting Legacy

The Waters Family Fund is a flexible, endowed fund that will guard against tuition increases, endow a portion of our current financial aid budget, and ensure an optimal mix of students in our classes. Pike offers an exceptional education, but we cannot continue to raise tuition to cover the costs of everything we provide. The Waters Family Fund will reduce Pike’s dependence on annual tuition and help keep future tuition increases low–a lasting legacy. A strong endowment is key to continuing to provide the highest quality education to current and future generations of children.

If Muddy and Liza have made an indelible impression on your family’s life, we invite you to show your gratitude.