Pike Scholars

By supporting Pike Scholars, you help us enroll students, like those in the C.A.R.E. Club, who truly embody what it means to be a Pike student.

When bright, motivated students challenge each other, everyone wins. And when classmates have diverse skills, strengths, and experiences, the whole school benefits. To educate children for meaningful lives, we need to teach key skills like collaboration, cultural competency, creativity, and effective communication. At their core, these skills are about how a person interacts with and responds to those around her. And they can’t be taught abstractly.

Our classrooms maximize every child’s potential

Pike classrooms are vibrant because Pike students are. It is imperative that we continue to develop an admissions process that spreads a wide net to attract a deep and multifaceted applicant pool. Doing so allows us to be intentionally selective as we seek to craft classrooms where every child can thrive and grow. It’s equally important to have the resources and flexibility to enroll every student who shines.

Pike Scholars affirms our commitment

We are committed to enrolling exceptional students and building the best possible classrooms every year. And in the process, ability to pay tuition should never be the only factor we consider. In funding Pike Scholars, we emphasize what kind of a learner and community member a child will be, rather than his or her family’s ability to pay full tuition. Simply put, Pike Scholars will allow us to select the best possible students for the Pike classroom, ensuring we are as vibrant tomorrow as we are today.