Invest Now

The outcome of this campaign will far exceed your original investment. Our students stand on the shoulders of thousands of alumni before them. Our School stands on the shoulders of thousands of donors—parents, grandparents, friends, alumni—who donated to the Pike School and made it what it is today. Now it is your turn to carry on the tradition. Our Shared Tomorrow relies on you.

The Teachers as Innovators Fund

Technology in Teaching   $250,000                                          

Projects lead by teachers that leverage technology to directly impact how students learn

Exploration of Excellence  $500,000

In-residence experts, visiting scholars, and guest speakers who inspire and inform teachers and students

Innovation Grants   $1.25 million

Faculty-driven initiatives and programs that bring the latest research and emerging best practices to the Pike classroom

Total   $2 million

Pike Scholars Fund

Funding to allow us to build the strongest classes at Pike in every grade and division

Pike School Scholarship   $1 million

Scholarship funds targeting students we seek, to build the best, strongest classroom for all students

Preserving the Pike Experience   $500,000

Funds to support Pike Scholars and provide access to all that the school has to offer

The Pike Possibilities Fund   $1.5 million

Endowment to keep tuition affordable, the flexibility to fund new ideas and innovations, to keep Pike moving forward.

Annual Fund

2015-16                       $825,000

2016-17                       $850,000

2017-18                       $875,000

Total                            $2.55 million

Our Shared Tomorrow

Goal: $7.55 million